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Teal Meal

Half Moon Silicone Bowl

Half Moon Silicone Bowl

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Half Moon Silicone Bowl: Mealtime Bliss Without the Mess!

The Half Moon Silicone Bowl is a game-changer in making mealtime enjoyable, mess-free, and eco-conscious. Say goodbye to spills and hello to stress-free feeding, whether you're beginning baby-led weaning or searching for a mess-less alternative for your toddler.

Mess Reduction, Fun Amplified: Our Half Moon Silicone Bowl is your ally in reducing mealtime mess. With its smartly designed suction bottom and open layout, it empowers easy feeding, putting you in control of every meal.

Premium Quality, Tender Care:Crafted from premium-grade, soft silicone, this bowl ensures mealtime comfort for your little ones. 

Half-Moon Silicone Bowl Highlights:

Non-Toxic Assurance: Safety is paramount. Our Half-Moon Silicone Bowl is a champion of non-toxicity—BPA Free, Latex Free, Lead-Free, Phthalates Free, and PVC Free. Your child's health is our priority.

Microwave and Dishwasher Friendly: Need to warm up meals quickly? This bowl is microwave-safe. Cleaning up is a breeze too—simply toss it in the dishwasher (top rack recommended) or give it a gentle wash with soap.

Eco-Friendly Initiative: By choosing Teal Meal, you're actively reducing plastic waste in your kitchen. It's a small step toward instilling eco-consciousness in your child's early years.

    Dimensions and Portion Size: 

    • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches
    • Portion size: 5 oz.

    P.S: A Clean Start: Before introducing your child to this mealtime essential, we recommend giving it a quick wash. It's the first step toward countless delightful meals together.

    Our Half Moon Silicone Bowl is more than just a bowl; it's a practical, eco-friendly, and enjoyable addition to your kitchen. Make every meal a delightful experience for your child while taking a step toward a more sustainable future. 

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